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The Kraken Consort

Baroque & traditional music ensemble featuring Chantal Santon Jeffery, Robert Getchell, Sylvain Barou, Brewen Favrau, Bruno Helstroffer, Ronan Pellen, Lauréne Durantel & David Lombardi

The Kraken Consort was born from the imagination of three musicians, friends and colleagues, whose horizons extend well beyond the baroque repertoire which allowed them to meet: Bruno Helstroffer, a musician whose versatility and freedom make him a of the most requested theorbists of the moment; two lyrical artists accustomed to opera stages around the world: Robert Getchell, a native of the United States, of Irish-Scottish origins, seasoned in the traditional repertoires of Celtic culture; and Chantal Santon Jeffery, a sought-after interpreter of 17th and 18th century English-language repertoires. They share the same taste for traditional oral and improvised music and wanted for this project to join instrumentalists with a deep experience of traditional Irish, Scottish and Breton music; curious and polymorphous musicians, open to numerous repertoires; to compare their respective visions, their experience, their technicalities, their own color. They find in Laurène Durantel, a talented double bass player, sought after for her eclecticism and her qualities as a chamber musician, Ronan Pellen, Brewen Favrau, Sylvain Barou and David Lombardi, four pillars of internationally renowned traditional music, ideal partners.

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